1.  CDs of requested broadcasts (please give title of message or date of broadcast).
2.  Various 8" x 10" Scripture texts.  Beautiful for framing.  See more choices here .
3.  "Honest Questions - Biblical Answers" Series (booklets)
4. "That's a Good Question"; "The Wonders of God"; "Final Destiny", "The Grace of God", "God's Answers to
      Man's Questions", "There's a Way Back to God"   (by William MacDonald)
5.  "Focus On" Series (booklets)

       Assurance of Salvation
       The Word of God
       The Importance of Love
       The Head Covering
       Following Steadfastly
       Assembly Priveleges and Responsibilities
       Which Church Should I Join?
       The Lord's Supper

CDs of recording artist Ruth Hanna whose vocal selections are often featured on Anchorpoint:  In Times Like These, Faithful One, Let It Shine, Each Step I Take, My Gift to You.   Check out the website www.ruthhanna.ca to order.

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