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Below is a sample of the gospel preaching you will hear at Gospel Halls.  The message has not changed down through the centuries.  We are sinners and need to have our sins taken away in order to get to heaven.  Maybe these are some of the questions that you have about God's way of salvation.  Feel free to contact us with your comments.

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Recent Toronto Broadcasts                                                                        Recent Vancouver Broadcasts

The Gospel of the Grace of God - Marvin Derksen                                  This is a Faithful Saying - Bryan Funston
What is the Gospel all about?  What is 'grace'?                                      Can I trust the Bible when it says that I
Will God be gracious to me?                                                                      can know for sure that I will go to heaven?

In Whom We Have Redemption - A. J. Higgins                                        He That Hath the Son - Tom Baker
Why do I need to be saved?  Has God provided                                    Can I know for sure that I am saved?  Does
a way for me to receive forgiveness of sins?                                           God save really bad people?

He Loved and He Gave - David Oliver                                                       Assurance of Salvation - Eugene Higgins
Does the Lord Jesus Christ love me?  Why did He                                How can I be sure that I am saved?  Do
die on the cross of Calvary?                                                                       Christians sometimes have doubts?

Citizens of Heaven - Andrew Robertson                                                    Lessons from Calvary - Norman Crawford
Are there people in heaven today?  Will I be one of                               Why did God allow His Son to die on the
them? Am I able to be saved?                                                                   cross?  Is there any other way to be saved?

Video Message
The Work is Complete - Andrew Robertson